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Эффективность отдела продаж

Implementation and configuration of amoCRM and Bitrix24

More than 50 CRM projects and solutions
Development department
We are ready to develop any widget or solution
Post-implementation support. Support by phone, E-mail and chat.

PROBLEMS encountered in many companies

Managers FORGET to work with some clients
There is no clear PLAN of work with the clients
Many DIFFERENT programs: Calendar, Chats, Telephony, Excel, Mail
Productivity WETTERS, without constant supervision by a manager
It is not clear how many sales every manager made
UNCERTAIN where calls and requests come from
Managers can take the database of the clients they worked with after being laid off
Business Owner is spending a lot of time doing tasks that could be automatized

What is the outcome after CRM implementation?

All Communication Tools are Combined
Don't miss a single message from customers. All requests are recorded in CRM: mail, telephony, website, social networks, instant messengers and others.
Sales Efficiency is Growing
Processes are sorted for analysis by different filters and criteria: sales stage, budget, responsible, company or client, creation / completion period. Managers have a proven instrument of increasing of the performance by influencing certain indicators.
Processes are automated
Most of the processes are automated according to the revealed business logic of the company: auto-mails and messages in chats, automatic tasks, SMS and much more.
Customer loyalty increases
The system allows you to receive and store feedback from your customers, send automatic congratulations on their birthday and other important dates, all important details remain in the system.
Statistics appears
In amoCRM and Bitrix24, you see statistics on sales, actions of managers, calls and can manage the efficiency of all processes.
CRM is integrated with your internal systems
For more efficient work, we develop modules according to customer requirements. This simplifies the work of employees and facilitates the work process.

We have implemented CRM and increased sales in these industries

Courses and training
These companies entrusted us with their CRM system

Stages of the implementation

For each individual case, our specialists are ready to find solutions that will help you
Analysis of the current system, customer acquisition channels and business processes, development of an optimal work plan, stabilization of weaknesses and improvement of strengths.
Finding the best solution
After analyzing the business, specialists select the best solution for the company and provide the necessary additional functions. We will also draw up a plan in which all business processes will become automatic and optimized.
Customization and development
Employees of our company integrate the system and adapt it to specific capabilities and tasks. If necessary, additional modules will be developed for the optimal implementation of CRM.
Training of employees and managers of the company. We will tell and show you how to use the new CRM, read analytics, manage transactions and apply individual tools.
Support after implementation, assistance in adaptation, answers to your questions, additional modifications of the system if necessary. The main thing for us is to know that your job has been made easier!

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